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mardi 17 mars 2015

My training english at Formalangues

Since two weeks, i try to improve my english. I'm doing an english training to Formalangues. It's a very good company. We often change teachers and they are English or American. I speak during 4 hours and after at home, i work the grammar and i listen the BBC and i look sometimes "Sex in the city" and do my homework of course ^_^ At the end of the training, i have the ToeicBridge. I hope I will succeed the exam. I'll tell you later.

De retour sur Paris, les habitudes reprennent...

Le train - un moment de détente...

Vacances de février à Larmor-Plage

Go to Larmor-Plage station for vacations !!! We're happy to see my mother and my brother and his son Soan. The sea, the quiet and two children sick !!! Here we go !