le blog de la girafe verte : illustration des aventures de poussin et zibelulle (illustration)

jeudi 27 septembre 2012

la girafe verte - Zib marche !!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 - 15 months Zib walks like a large. At the beginning, it will run instead of doing what is not measured reassures her little mother. Then after several times around the apartment. He walks.

la girafe verte - adaptation de zib à la crèche

The first day nursery zib butterflies. Day 1 - He plays with trucks and balls for 1 hour and did not want to leave. Day 2 - For 2 hours, up and down the stairs tobogan alone. It's a little kitchen and learn to rotate the carousel Ladybug. He eats sat on a small yellow chair around a table and a plate compartmentalized. Then falls asleep in the arms of her mother on the way back. 3rd day - We support zib to the crib and then have to leave. : 0 /

la girafe verte - weekend à Trouville

Weekend Trouville. We are down to the hotel "casual" fully pedestrian street next to the store "merci". A very nice weekend.

la girafe verte - au cinéma avec natacha

Our kind neighbor brought Russian poussin film. A happy poussin who brought a lovely bouquet of leaves to his mother.

mardi 11 septembre 2012

la girafeverte - 8 dents bientôt 10 !!!

after a great vacation on the island, here's a good back eventful now a "poussin" and a "canard" CE1 A pretty three molars that grow and are maize. So, parents a little tired but still happy.

la girafe verte - papa !

and here is "baba" for Dad: 0)