le blog de la girafe verte : illustration des aventures de poussin et zibelulle (illustration)

dimanche 29 avril 2012

la girafe verte - 4 jours en famille :0)

A day taken over a holiday weekend = a 4 day family! : 0) The "tigre" was his first pencils and "Poussin" playing with her doll "Raiponce".

mardi 24 avril 2012

la girafe verte - poussin et ses copines de vacances

Chick has many girlfriends vacation. There's Lila, the daughter of our neighbor Russia. Louise, Paolina and Justine, Parisian friends who are also on the island of Houat during the holidays. And on the island, and we find Maïwen Nolwen. What memories into perspective!

la girafe verte - vacances, vacances...

Soon the summer holidays and this year we have the chance to spend two months on the island of Houat in the house of my grandmother!

dimanche 15 avril 2012

la girafe verte - des personnes formidables

Great people. Russian Natasha my neighbor and I are doing with "poussin" and "le tigre" and tea breaks are also going to the museum. This is a great grandmother with whom we can talk about anything (from Russia, exhibitions, political ...) and it's very nice. My colleague Florence, gave us thirty books for "poussin" thank you.

la girafe verte - weekend de pâques

A fun weekend where we had a good laugh! With a super treasure hunt! The Treasury, 100 eggs were hidden under the buttocks of the tiger in a pretty wicker basket! When the bells, we did not hear but they had 6 eggs left on the balcony!

la girafe verte - les produits "Calînesse" un vrai plaisir pour la peau

Products "Câlinesse" Very good for the skin.

dimanche 8 avril 2012

la girafe verte - "Transformations" un atelier graphique et chorégraphique à Beaubourg

After drawing on canvas of tents, children appropriate the object into a costume.
The dance is then orchestrated by choreographer Claire Monelin.

dimanche 1 avril 2012

la girafe verte - un très bon bulletin

A very good report card.
Poussin chose a nice bar to the toy store to the Palais Royal.

la girafe verte - le petit chercheur

The little scientist.
A degree for his contribution to the study of language development in laboratory psychology of perception - CNRS.