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vendredi 1 janvier 2016

Happy new year 2016 - have fun

Dear christmas morning....

Each year as Zib was born, this two children had a particulous tip, is to wake up early in the christmas morning. But this year, my husband and me, decided : NOT, not this year ^_^ and look what was happened...

mercredi 14 octobre 2015

To be a client advisor

The "TBM" at the Bon Marché

My new job !!!!

you knew, i wanted to convert me as a client advisor. So after my english training, i need near 3 months to find a school and a luxuary company ^_^

My trainning was created by LVMH "client advisor" (métiers d'excellence groupe LVMH) and at the end i have an exam which is level 3 (bac+2). So i still have to work hard in the aim to arrive in the first. But i'm really motivated.

My company is "le Bon Marché". It's a luxury department store near Saint-Germain des Près. It's a place really calm and i often speak english (60% per day). I work in the children area (3e level). I'm really happy but i need to work more and more to arrive at my goal.

jeudi 30 juillet 2015

The result of my toeic test

I had my result of my toeic test. Finally i had 690/990. I am a little bit desappointed because i wanted near 750 - 800. But i enjoyed anywhay because i worked very hard to succeed. During 4 months i have improved my english at Formalangue and i began at level one less than 250/990. Now, i can say that i can read, listen and speak english ^_^ but if i don't want to lose my efforts, i need to work every day by listening 10 minutes per day and reading english books or "Vocable" a good english magazine ^_^

dimanche 26 juillet 2015

second stape : Roscoff

After one week in the south with their cousin, my little children are in Roscoff with their grandparents. The tiger learn swimming and my daughter dream of nail polish... They missed me a lot but i am happy that they had good vacations and it's not finished. Still 7 days and i join us to go in a other part of Brittany ^_^

lundi 20 juillet 2015

Go on vacation for my little children

I accompany my little children to my sister home in the south of France. Sun, ice cream, sea, just a lot of beautiful things to become vacancies...

Toeic test

I took the toeic test on the 9th of july. I have some problemes with my concentration and i didn't finish on time. But i'm feel confident. I think i will receive the result soon now. We will see !!!!

My long long trainning

My english trainning is finished. It was long but really rewarding. Now, it's a work of every days to improve my new language and i really want to keep my progress. This is why, i posted rarely some notes.

lundi 25 mai 2015

the garden's plants

A lovely picnic at the garden's plants which the sun in prime. I love this place, it looks like Brittany consequently i though in vacation ^_^

Dancing with her mother

With my super dautgher, we danced all the afternoon on Violetta's songs. We laught a lot and she was beautiful with her colored skirt.

an athetic boy

My little son love doing sport and he was very funny.

Orangerie's museum

we saw the "Nymphéas" by Monet. Beautiful paints, really. It was the first time i had came here and i was really enjoy to discover this place with my children.

I took the toeic bridge

the 19th may 2015, i took the toeic bridge. Now i expect the result which will arrive whithin 2 weeks. We will see...